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UniSpice is born in 1991 in Guatemala with the purpose of getting the end consumer as close as possible to the grower. Our first shipment was only of 500 pounds; today, we export more than 18 million pounds of value-added vegetables around the world.

Since the day UniSpice was founded, three are the values that have helped us accomplish our mission: “Always growing”, “never give up”, and “The impossible will be challenged”.

Between our great team, perfect geographic location, and the use of the latest technology on the field and in our production facilities, UniSpice has been able to serve the most demanding customers around the world.

Thanks to our commitment to continuous improvement, all our processes are regularly verified and audited through the following worldwide certifications:

Global GAP – UniSpice was one of the first companies in Guatemala to obtain this certification in 2004 (it used to be called Eurep GAP). This norm is part of GFSI.

This shows UniSpice´s commitment to food safety, environment, biodiversity, health, and wellbeing the fields.

BRC – (British Retail Consortium) The most rigorous norm in the world that includes food safety, quality, and legality. UniSpice has had this certification for 8 consecutive years with the highest grade, Grade A.

Fair Trade – UniSpice and its suppliers are certified Fair Trade, this certification guarantees that all commercial relationships are carried out in a just and transparent manner.

BSCI – UniSpice was the first company in Guatemala to be certified with this certification, which is a complete protocol of social responsibility, work environment safety, and fair wages.

C-TPAT – (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) UniSpice fulfills 100% of their requirement that guarantees safety and reliability.

UniSpice also complies with custom-made certifications required by certain customers. Unispice has great commitment towards the environment. In addition to what all certifications require regarding the environment, we have initiatives such as UniSpice´s “BEE-FRIENDLY“ for the reduction of neocotinoides that could affect bee population.

Regarding governance, UniSpice has a strict code of ethics supervised by an ethics committee, a solid management structure, and a department dedicated to ensure its compliance.

UniSpice truly believes in sustainability and entrepreneurship. A perfect example of this is a model that we call “UniSpice´s Agricultural Communities”. We bring together small growers into a big farm where they are taught about entrepreneurship, business management, food safety, food security, and good agricultural practices. They also have access to the latest technology in order to increase productivity and improve quality. By being united in this community, they have the advantages of large growers.

Currently, UniSpice grows in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua with alliances in Chile and Africa.

Twenty-three years of continuous improvement have led UniSpice to the global position it currently has, selling value-added products to the U.S., Canada, UK, Holland, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and most of the other European countries.

Our mission: Continuous growth for our suppliers, customers, collaborators, and partners.

Quality Policy


It is the company’s policy to process products that meet authenticity, food safety and legal requirements in the country of production, transit and final destination, as well as quality requirements of the company’s approved customers, being responsible for its compliance.


In the company every action taken on production has to comply with this policy

The current policy will be evaluated once a year in order to review it and to set specific goals.  The company’s manager will convene for this.


Senior management is also part of the review team, to promote continuous improvement according with Company’s Mission (GEN-D-043 ver 1-24.07.06) guaranteeing that the policy be communicated to all personnel involved in activities related with product safety, lawfulness and quality.



– Always Growing

– Never Give Up

– Challenge the Impossible

– We always do the right things



Since 1991, Unispice has promoted the pillars of sustainability: human rights, working relationship, environment, and anti-corruption. These are now being grouped as the Global Compact´s ten principles.

Now that we are reaching a quarter of a century doing good things and doing them right, we confirm our responsible and long-term commitment on health, social, economic, and environmental issues. Therefore, showing a complete picture of the sustainability concept.

Throughout Unispice´s history, we have delivered healthy, attractive, innovative, and convenient products to the consumer; but we have also offered a decent work environment for our employees and opportunities for improvement to thousands who work in the field to produce our products.

We are part of initiatives such as Fairtrade, member of ISEAL Alliace, to market products with specific knowledge of the subject; GlobalGAP, where we review food safety and safety of the workers, growers, and the environment.

Year after year, we have been increasing certified areas and areas with contracts made with growers associations, whom we help get financing, infrastructure, and training on agricultural, business, hygiene, and organizational issues.

Our workers get additional employment benefits to legal requirements, as well as assist in getting financing, training, and solidarity in times of an emergency. Internal and external evaluations are required by the company to keep the highest standard on obligations to their workers.

We take care of the environment under both national legislation regulations as well as other initiatives like GlobalGAP and Fairtrade. We take care of the water sources; discharges of solid, liquid, and gaseous waste; minimal use of chemical products, fertilizers as well as pesticides; changes in soil structure, and protection of flora and fauna in harvesting areas.

We also have a policy of minimal use of energy, optimizing the use of packing materials, and rational and responsible use of water. All the energy used in the packing plant and offices comes from renewable sources; cardboard and paper waste is sent to be recycled and the money used for social benefit.

The company has a code of conduct, which applies to everyday internal work as well as our relationship with people and organizations we interact with. We have strict rules to avoid corruption and continuous control mechanisms.


Unispice is world renowned for being at the forefront of technology on packing, postharvest handling, traceability, and for always being protected by strict food safety and security control systems. The best team, a culture of quality and technology are the perfect blend to maintain global leadership in the value-added vegetable market.