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Sugar Snaps

Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon
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Sugar Snaps

Sugar snap peas are edible-podded peas that, unlike Snow Peas, have thick pod walls. They are the result of the combination of at least six recessive genes controlling pod and grain traits, and two others are being incorporated in modern cultivars.

Sugar snaps are a cross between English peas and Snow Peas. Sugar snap peas are entirely edible “pod and all” and are equally delicious raw or cooked. They are an excellent source of vitamin C.

  • Food Service

We provide prepack units with adapted sizes to for the institutional market with exact units of measure for the preparation of the client. With this, we provide saving in time and diminished the waste of the client. In addition, each unit is sealed, which maintains the innocuity and increases the shelf life, as well as it facilitates the handling of inventories for the client.

  • Retail

We provide suitable prepack units to the different supermarket formats, as much for the “Premium” sector, like for the “Discount” sector with display box. The ranks of unitary presentations are between 125g to 2Lb, for bags, tray or punet.

We work private marks, distributor marks and own marks, fulfilling all the standards required by each one.

  • Wholesalers

We provide products with the standards for the wholesale industry. Units of 1.5kg, 1.8kg, 2.0kg, 5lb and 10lb net weight.